Online Services

Electronic Timekeeping

Using Time and Attendance services from Wisconsin Pay Specialists makes payroll a breeze. You no longer have to gather your employees’ information and calculate the total number of hours. All of this is done automatically and accurately. Our system virtually eliminates the temptation for employees to steal time, which means you can put a stop to thousands of dollars in lost profits, overtime, taxes and benefits that time-theft costs the average company every year.

We have a solution for every business such as our electronic time clock which utilizes a punch card or biometric fingerprinting. Our web based product or mobile app gives employees a simple way to clock in and out while it gives you an accurate account of time worked. Plus, it allows you to view reports immediately, which can help you keep an eye on your staff’s efficiency.

Online Payroll

You can securely manage your payroll data from any computer, anywhere in the world with our online payroll. You will have the ability to enter, retrieve, print and email virtually any payroll information and have access to hundreds of reports.

  • Tax Estimator — gross-to-net or net-to-gross
  • Calculate manual checks
  • Online help files and technical support

Online Reports

Only interested in getting your reports? No problem – with a secure id and password, you have access to your company’s payroll reports that can easily be downloaded to your PC or shared with your CPA.

Employee Self Services

Our Employee Self Services allows employees to view their payroll information 24/7 and you get freedom from the burdens of administrative questions that take up your valuable time.

Employee Self Services displays your employees’ personal information and allows them to run reports by specific dates for their payroll history. Also available are all their paystubs and W-2’s.