2017 Tax Refund Delays

Tax Refund Delays for 2017

A reminder to all taxpayers claiming the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) or the Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC), a new law is in effect that requires the IRS to hold those refunds until mid-February 2017.  The IRS will hold the entire refund, including the portion not associated with the EITC or ACTC, until at least February 15, 2017.  This change is an attempt by the IRS to ensure that taxpayers get the refund they are owed by giving the agency more time to detect fraud.

All taxpayers should file their returns as usual.  Even though the IRS cannot issue some refunds until at least February 15, most refunds will be issued within the normal time frame of less than 21 days after being accepted for processing by the IRS.