Are we building our business?

In October we spent two hours having staff pictures taken so we could update our website, the photographer’s computer was out for repairs so it took until mid-December to get the photos.  (They look great – so it was worth the wait.)

Wisconsin Pay Group

On Tuesday, I spent 4 hours updating the employee bios for the “About Us” page of the website, picking out new pictures and updating our available services.  Our web guy made all the changes and life was good again – back to working on building our business – or so I thought.

I got to the office this morning and our internet speed was brutally slow – and I mean brutal.  We pay for 20 mb and were getting less than 1.  So a call to our telephone provider ensued (who by the way is the only option we have – lucky for them).

After being on the phone for 45 minutes, I was informed that I was going to lose what little internet we had for a while – great – I was on an internet phone – and of course, the tech could not call me back because his phone only rings in.  So I called back and 20 minutes later, reached the new tech.  His first question to me was what number could I be reached at so he could call me back if we got disconnected. What?  Call me back??  Okay – whatever.

An hour later, he discovered that our “new” modem was actually a refurbished modem (which I paid full price for) and still had the old user’s name and password so was not communicating with CenturyLink for upgrades.  Another morning gone and no business building…

A CPA once told me that the people who bring their books in squeaky clean and timely are usually not as successful in their businesses as those who are a little behind and a little stressed when it comes to their books.  The reason?  Those who are under the gun have usually spent more time building their business than recording it.

One goal for us in 2018 will be to spend more time building our business than administering and recording it.  First thing on the list – make a “To Do List” to stay focused.  Let’s get building!