W I Pay Tip of the Day – Work Permits

Requirement for Work Permits for 14- and 15-Year Olds Temporarily Waived

Are you hiring 14- and 15-year olds to work in your business? Last month Governor Evers temporarily waived the under-16 labor work permit requirement before teens can begin to work for you. This work permit holiday is in effect for the duration of the public health emergency.

You will still need All of the following documentation in order to be in compliance and file for the permit once the order expires:

  • Proof of age (Birth certificate, baptismal certificate, Wisconsin ID card or Wisconsin driver’s license, or other evidence allowed by Wis. Admin. Code § DWD 270.07(4),
  • Employer’s written intent to hire, including job duties to be performed and the hours and time of day to be worked, signed by the employer or someone duly authorized by the employer,
  • Written consent from the minor’s parent, guardian or court-ordered foster parent consenting to the employment or a countersignature of the parent, guardian, or foster parent on the employer’s letter, AND
  • A copy of the minor’s social security card

Once the order expires, you’ll have 30 days to file a permit application on behalf of each minor employee you hired and permitted to work under this exception.