WI PAY TIP OF THE DAY – All Hallows’ Eve

All Hallows’ Eve falls on October 31, the day before All Hallows’ Day – also known as All Saints day.  The name comes from Old English “hallowed” meaning holy or sanctified and is now usually the more familiar Halloween,  While there is much discrepancy with the origin of Halloween, today it is celebrated both in the Christian and secular worlds.

New insurance deductions for 2021 will start coming our way as well as 2021 unemployment rates.  In the business world – you have two months to adjust your profit and loss.  It’s a good time to connect with your tax preparer and take a look at what your tax situation looks like for 2020.    Better to be prepared than surprised.

I like Halloween.  I do not like scary movies, or haunted houses or scary characters.  I love trick or treating,  I really LOVE trick or treating!  I love seeing the lights on people’s doors inviting little goblins up for a treat.  I love the expectant look on the kiddos faces as they hold out their bag and their adorable “thank yous.”  I love seeing the neighborhood walk the neighborhood.  I love the magic of “being” something / someone for Halloween.  I love roasted pumpkin seeds and carving pumpkins – but am so sad that I did not know until this year that you can use a drill to carve your pumpkins!  (You must try this!)

So even if you are old – take a few minutes on October 31 to dress up and pretend to be something or someone.  Spread some joy as others take delight in your costume.  Go shopping with curlers and a bathrobe – it’s ok on Halloween!  …and if you get extra peanut butter cups – I’ll trade you!!