According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rates in the United States vary from a low in South Dakota and Utah of 3.3% to a high in California of 9.3% and Hawaii of 10.3%.  To put things in perspective, the historical low rate was Connecticut in 2000 at 2.0% and the historical high was Nevada in April 2020 at 29.5%.  Wisconsin is currently at 4.0%; with a historical low of 3.0% in 2018 and a historical high of 14.8 in April 2020.

It looks like things are looking up – that is unless you are trying to hire!   The best part of being a business owner is the employees!  The worst part of being a business owner is the employees!

Here are some suggestions for help in hiring:

  1.  Utilize Social Media – it is here to stay folks – make your presence a big one and leverage that.
  2. Online Job Boards such as Monster.com, CareerBuilder.com, Indeed, or Job Monkey to  name a few provide help.
  3. LinkedIn – You can post jobs and search for people with specific experience and skills.
  4. Career Sites – Make sure your Website has a “Join Our Team” or “We are Hiring” tab and sell yourself to future employees!
  5. Temp agencies and 1099 contractors can help fill immediate needs.
  6. Take your time, resist the urge to hire quick.  In the long run it costs you much more to hire the wrong people.

Keep in mind, all new hires must be reported to the state in which they are working, and you must have an I-9 completed and saved for every employee.  For a complete list of all required paperwork for new hires, go to our website, www.wisconsinpay.com and click on Employee Services.    (Note:  We do the new hire reporting and social security number verification for our clients.)

If you are hiring, send us a summary of what you are looking for and we’ll put it on our Facebook and Linked in pages as well.  Go get ‘em!