WI PAY TIP OF THE DAY – Hands On & In Control

Part of our Vision Statement is to be using state-of-the-art technology as much as possible.  We are 95% paper free and have secured new online software for both payroll and property management functions.

In the “old” days, our clients created a spreadsheet and faxed their hours to us.  We keyed the hours into our software and faxed them a payroll register for their approval.  They would review the payroll register, mark any corrections, and fax it back to us.  We would then make the changes as we interpreted them to be (sometimes an 8 looks like a 3 on thermal fax paper) and send them a new payroll register.  The client would then review again, sign the bottom as approved and fax it back to us.  At that point, we could move ahead with processing the payroll.  

The next big technology change was email – which helped with 8’s looking like 3’s, but as we know was far from secure.  Even with this advance, payroll still took multiple hours from start to finish.

Welcome web-based technology!!! 

Our new software has the capability for you to log in (to the same site as you go to retrieve your payroll reports) and enter your employee’s hours directly into the software.  You can then calculate the payroll (this is a pre-process), review the payroll register and you are done.  No more waiting for us to get back to you and you have access to your payroll at your convenience 24/7!

This is fast becoming the payroll procedure of choice as it allows for your payroll to be done your way – on your time schedule.  We will continue to review, adjust, and make suggestions.  We will also set up all deductions, etc., so that the net pay continues to calculate correctly. 

   Please let us know when you are ready to be hands on and in control!