WI Pay Tip Of The Day – Know Who You Are Working With!!

In Business Planning Class 101, you will be instructed to create a Vision, Mission and Values Statement for your company.  

Our statements are in the front of our employee manual.   While updating our manual I took some time to contemplate our statements.  Happily, I still agree with them – even though they have been in effect for almost 16 years.   Some say I am predictable, in this case, that pleases me.   If you have not taken the time to put your company’s Vision, Mission and Values on paper, perhaps now is a good time to do so.  Following are ours.   Feel free to borrow them and change to make them your own.  They have withstood the test of time for us!


Wisconsin Pay Specialists will be recognized as a leader by revolutionizing the payroll, bookkeeping and property management industries through successful partnerships, local, personal service and state-of-the-art technology seamlessly integrating the entire payroll, bookkeeping, and property management processes.  When businesses in Northeast Wisconsin think to hire a payroll, bookkeeping, or property management service, they will want to hire us!


Our mission is to provide accurate payroll, bookkeeping, property management and business services that save our clients’ time, help them to be more aware of their business’s financial condition and become more profitable in a friendly manner exhibiting exemplary customer service at all times.


We uphold the values of teamwork, accountability, integrity, responsibility, personal growth, respect, and efficiency in both our internal co-worker relationships and our external customer relationships.