WI PAY TIP OF THE DAY – Testimonials: What Your Clients Say

Wikipedia says that a testimonial consists of a person’s written or spoken statement extolling the virtue of a product or service.    But testimonials also demonstrate your credibility and expertise.   I rely heavily on testimonials – you should to!

 As a business, it is important for your potential clients to trust you in order to part with their money.  Testimonials are a great way to let others know of your ability to create results.   Here are some suggestions to get your testimonial tank filled up.

  1.  Word-of-mouth is and always has been a great tool.  In today’s world, word-of-mouth usually takes the form of Facebook, Instagram or Twitter – so one person’s endorsement’s power has grown exponentially.    Keep in mind, getting the word out on social media is not always positive and may require some response from you.
  2. A more controlled method is to make a list of colleagues, clients, and co-workers who have seen you in action.  Think of anyone who has benefited from your guidance and expertise.  (Mom’s glowing praise does not carry much weight!)  
    • What results could they attest to?
    • If they are unsure what to say, tell them what type of clients you are interested in.
    • Perhaps have them explain a problem and how you resolved it.
    • If they are really struggling with what to say, create a couple of sample testimonials for them to approve.
  3.  Make sure all of your testimonials include your full name and the full name of your company so they are picked up in searches such as Google.  For example:

Wisconsin Pay Specialists and Kat Meissner rock the payroll and bookkeeping world!   I have never felt so good about my office management as I do now that I have hired them.  It was one of the best business decisions I ever made.     – Kat Meissner, Wisconsin Pay Specialists

4. It is also important to get first and last names, as well as full company names of the people giving the testimonial to lend credibility to their words.